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Detective Sergeant Matt Devlin

[Law & Order UK]

DS Matt Devlin
11 November
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DS Matt Devlin

Matt Devlin is a Detective Sergeant with the Major Investigations Unit of the Central London Police Force. He was raised in an Irish-Catholic family in Kilburn, Ireland, and though still being loyal to his faith, he does not practice it now he is away from Ireland. Matt is dedicated to his job, and is an enthusiastic and impulsive detective. He believes in black letter law in that people are either innocent or guilty. He loves his job and has a romanticized view of policing, in that he believes he can do something to make a difference.

Matt's older and wiser partner is DS Ronnie Brooks, who approaches his job in more dry and unconventional manner than Matt. He is an ex-alcoholic with two ex-wives and daughters he doesn't see very often. He sees Matt as more than just his partner, and rather a friend and sort of surrogate son.

Matt's Ronnie Brooks for RP purposes is forensicated

- Info taken from Wiki

"In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups. The police who investigate crime, and the Crown Prosecutors who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories."

RONNIE: He can't even look after a goldfish.

MATT: I fed it just like you said. The fish was ailing before I went anywhere near it.

RONNIE: Tell that to my daughter.

- Episode 1x01, Law & Order UK


For crowdedhour
Matt will enter crowdedhour after Law & Order UK episode 2x06 "Honour Bound", which is the finale of the current season shown in Britain, so present day. His arriving inventory is:

- The work clothes he is wearing, with a winter coat, scarf and gloves
- Gold St Christopher Medal necklace around his neck
- Black leather briefcase
- Dell laptop computer
- Nokia mobile phone
- Small overnight travel case with basics for an overnight stay
- His wallet and police badge

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